Valentine Gnomes for tier tray

Valentine Gnomes for tier tray


These stand up gnomes are 6.5 inches tall. They do not come assembled. The set includes the boy and girl gnomes.  


The nose, hearts, feet ad hands are dimensional and will be needed to be layered and glued with the liquid glass! 


This kit does not come with the scrapbook paper but you can order the paper at- while supplies last.  


There will be limited sets to be sold.  Orders will be shipped in a few weeks with the other teir tray sets.  


This set includes- 

1. Boy Gnome

2.  Girl Gnome

3. Big Heart for Boy

4.  Hands for Boy

5.  Shoes for boy and girl

6.  Noses for boy and girl.

7. 3 Hearts for Girl hat.  


Other items showed in tray are not included!