Gnome Sign Kit with seasonal images

Gnome Sign Kit with seasonal images


These wood forms are left over from my holiday retreat.  This is for the wood only- no  paper.   You will need liquid glass to attach some of the items.  You will also need velcro to attach seasonal hands.  The images only show a  few of the hand and shape sets. I do not have a photo of all of them.  



Paint  and paper your own Gnome DIY kit.  
Laser cut shiplap circle
13 seasonal hands - snowflake, palm tree, pumpkin, ice cream, football, heart, kite, star, clover, christmas tree, watermelon, antler, easter egg

You will need:
Brush or applicator
Liquid Glass

Velcro Dots

Scrapbook Paper

Any other items you wish to use to embellish

Adhesive Velcro Dots