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Dream Box Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday Sale details are HERE and I have a special coupon for YOU!!!!! The sale is from November 20th - 30th. You can save up to $1000 with my codes. Plus if you order a dream box I will share with you my cricut file wit you so you can cut out your own liners using your cricut plus I will give you TWO paper packets from CTMH (your choice) to help decorate your box. THIS WILL BE THE LOWEST PRICE on the dream box that Create Room has or will EVER OFFER!!!

Here are the details-

  • Newly designed box. Available now!

  • Save $300 off dream box.

  • Save up to $1000 total (accessories, sewing box, etc).

  • You can get early access. The earlier you order the earlier your box will arrive. They are expecting lots of orders so order your box early!!!!

You must use this code at checkout to get discount: MISSGINGERDOTS1000


Early Access to the sale begins November 20th at 12 P.M. Central time. Sale to the public begins an hour later. Click here to preview products but remember sale prices do not start until November 20th at 12 p.m Central time !

If you place an order let me know so I can track it for you and get your your free paper packs and tote pattern!

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