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Directions on how to Make a Hot Cocoa Packet - just in time for the holidays!

How cute are these Hot Cocoa Packets? This is such a fun project to make and give as a holiday gift. Make a pouch, add some hot chocolate and a peppermint stick and ta-da you have instant cuteness. This is a perfect way to send warm winter wishes.

Here is how you make them.

*. Start with a standard size card- 4" x 5 1/4".

*. Next make a diagonal cut. The easiest way to do this is line up the top of the score line and bottom right corner of the 1 mark on the trimmer. Then cut. Instant perfect Diagonal cut.!

*. For the coordinating background and texture paper- I use a 4" x 5 1/4"

*. Since it is a quarter of an inch smaller then card, cut the diagonal on the 3/4 mark- top fold and bottom corner just like the first piece. If you cut it correctly it will line up perfectly.

I adhere the bottom with 3d dimensional tape, punch a hole in the side and tie with a ribbon. Then the fun part comes, which is decorating with your choice of stamps.

Here are some more samples that I have made.

This card was made with the stamp set- Jubilee Crew.

This set was made with Gnome for the Holidays.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love to see your creations!

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