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Customer Spotlight- Cynthia Galante

An interview with a very special customer-

How long have you been stamping/ scrapping?

I’ve always been a creative person and made little scrappy projects for as long as I can remember. I started card making in earnest around 2001. After meeting Tina in the spring of 2005 at a Navarre Garden Club luncheon she invited me to a class. I had never heard of Close to my Heart but once I saw what CTMH had to offer I was hooked.

Why do you like CTMH?

I am a little detailed oriented (to say the least); I was never quite thrilled by my finished projects before using products from several different brands, the colors never seemed to go together perfectly. I love CTMH’s high quality and the color coordination of paper, inks and embellishments. I love the catalog that is truly an Idea book and the how to books and kits over the years that have brought my card making and scrapping to a higher level.

Why do you attend classes?

I have to admit I almost NEVER finish a project at class. I do my best work alone (I wish it wasn’t so but it is). I go to Tina’s classes for the fun!!!! I go for the friendships and camaraderie; it’s my girl’s night out. I go for the inspiration and to learn new techniques.

Why do you choose Tina as a consultant?

Tina makes everything fun and I have never found anyone who cares more about their customers. I didn't have the inclination to be a consultant myself but I helped Tina in her office for a while and most people don’t really know half the amount of work Tina does in the background. She has a genuine passion for what she does and it shows.

Other info.

I love making cards. I try my best to always match the card with the person’s interests. Sending something I’ve made with love brings me joy. It brings my even more happiness when I find those people enjoy them too. I have 3 nieces and a nephew who have kept all the cards I’ve sent them for the last 15 years (birthdays, Easter, Halloween, etc…). My husband looks forward to getting cards and puts them on his bulletin board in his home office and when there’s no more room he transfers them to an album.

It often takes me a long time to make things; the concept, the trial and error of things. I have to have things just right; perfectly lined up with not a smudge or smear. It used to bother me that I just couldn’t wing it like Tina and have everything come out gorgeous but I’ve learned to let that go. I’ve learned it’s the “doing” I love.

Thank you Cynthia for a peek into your creative world!



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