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Brand New Idea Book

Look what is here! Our brand new idea book- for March and April! Can I say- oh my goodness. What wonderful stuff we have inside. Take a peek inside right now by clicking on the photo of the book or clicking here!

There are so many great things inside! For example- HOW ABOUT A BRAND NEW CRICUT CARTRIDGE! Yes, you got it... a new cricut cartridge called FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED! This collection features several fully designed scrapbook layouts and cards in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to complete an entire project in a single setting.

Aren't these pages stunning? Check out this collection and all of our other collections here!

Did you know that I am a Cricut Affiliate? Today Cricut Joy has been released. You can order it directly from my website too. Easy shopping- everything in one place! Are you a subscription member? If so you will receive a 10 PERCENT discount on cricut JOY! Place an order for anything cricut from my website and I am going to send you so me HAPPY MAIL- a special surprise. However, I don't see the Cricut reports immediately so you need to message or email me your receipt. Once I get it - a HAPPY PACKAGE of goodness will be coming your way- just as a thank you for supporting me!

There is so much happiness in this idea book- I can't wait for you to see it. Check back often as I will be featuring some of my favorite products from this book.

Happy March 1st! Take time to do one thing today that is creative!!!!

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