Meet Tina- Missgingerdots

Hi There!  I'm Tina Sutton, Founding Presidential Director with Close To My Heart! I'm a wife to a wonderful - supportive husband, and a mommy to two springer spaniels.  In 1995, I was introduced to Close To My Heart and I signed up to be a consultant.  Crafting is my passion so I was excited that I could teach others to create beautiful things.   Fast forward twenty five years , I  am happy to say that I make an impressive income , earn exotic vacations for my husband and myself (this year we are going to Tahiti - say what?) and lead an award winning team. I can honestly say that I love my job.  My team is my heart.  We have a wonderful time together at day crops, classes and weekend retreats.  Thanks for stopping by- I would love to answer any questions or welcome you as a new team member!


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